Getwapps | About Getwapps
Getwapps - Discover, organize & access your favorite web sites.
Getwapps features make sure you completely enjoy your surfing.
Organize web sites and applications
With Getwapps remembering and typing web addresses of your favorite web content is behind you. Let the Getwapps be your new homepage.
  • Save favorite web sites and applications at one place.
  • Organize them into lists.
  • Quickly access them with just few clicks no matter what computer or web browser you are using.
Discover new web content with wStore
Finding desired web application has never been easier. With wStore featuring hundreds of web applications from different vendors organized into categories, searching for web application that suits your needs becomes easier than ever.
Notify your friends about some cool web site
You've found some cool web site? And you want to share them with your friend or the rest of the world? Bookmark it with Getwapps and send it to your friends:
  • on Facebook
  • on Twitter
  • on Google Buzz
  • or by mail
Public profile
Make lists of your favorite web content public and share them with the world. With custom backgrounds add your personal touch to Getwapps. Imagine Getwapps as the place where people can find out more about you, who you are and what you do.

Tip: It is a great feature if you have profiles on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, if you are writing blog and etc. Just put links to those profiles on Getwapps so everyone can explore them from one place. Or make a list for your special interest, for example if you love geography - make a public list with links to great geography sites and share it with everyone, so they can easily find out about those pages.
Search profiles
Getwapps lets you search people by name and interests. Find people with same interests and discover even more great links in their bookmarks.
Link with profiles and lists of other people
Found interesting people or interesting lists of web content on Getwapps? Easily add links to them to your Getwapps profile and they will appear in your lists just like any other web content.
Let everyone know about your profile and lists
Let your friends know about your Getwapps public profile by sharing it on Facebook or tweeting about it with #getwapps_profile hashtag.

Also, if you create some interesting public list, tweet about it with #getwapps_list hashtag and short description about it and share it with everyone.
Chat with your friends
Connect with all your friends, no matter where they do their instant messaging. Meebo lets you access your buddies on all the major networks (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber) in a single buddylist, right from your browser. Include everyone and chat the warm fuzzy way!